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Manufactured from High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibre, Dyneema® ropes are long-lasting, versatile and built to withstand the toughest conditions.
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Quality Dyneema® ropes for sale from a leading UK ropes and rigging specialist

Dyneema® fibres were first invented over 30 years ago by DSM Dyneema. Since then, this Dutch-based company has developed a wide range of products, including its flagship collection of Dyneema® ropes.

As one of the UK’s leading ropes and rigging specialists, we offer the complete range, plus bespoke Dyneema® splicing in our UK workshop.

Get in touch with Island Ropes & Rigging today to discuss your specific needs or for a special price on Dyneema® ropes. We’ll always go to great lengths to ensure we find the solution you need.

What is Dyneema® rope?

Dyneema® rope is a versatile solution that can be utilised for industrial winching products in offshore and onshore environments.

Manufactured from High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibre, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel and can float on water.

Our range of Dyneema® ropes undergoes a process of pre-stretching, heat setting and coating. This rigorous process to make them into 12-strand Dyneema® ropes ensures they are hard-wearing, long-lasting and capable of dealing with the most testing environments in the world.

HMPE & Dyneema® ropes weigh six to seven times less than steel wire of the same diameter but have comparable break loads. These dynamic properties make Dyneema® ropes a popular choice in many industries.  

The benefits of Dyneema® ropes

Island Ropes - Floats on water icon
Floats on water
Island Ropes - UV resistant rope icon
UV-resistant Rope
Island Ropes - 15 x stronger than steel icon
15x stronger than steel
Island Ropes - 7 times lighter
7-10 times lighter
Dyneema® Ropes | SK78 & SK98 Ropes | Island Ropes & Rigging

Dyneema® rope for boat winching and vessel mooring

Dyneema® make ideal mooring ropes and winches due to their light properties and ease of handling. As an HMPE rope, they float in the water and require less crew.
Dyneema® Ropes | SK78 & SK98 Ropes | Island Ropes & Rigging

Dyneema® rope for sailing

Dyneema® isa popular choice for sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing due to its ability to with stand rugged water terrains. Some of the better options include the Dyneema® SK78 and Dyneema® SK99.
Dyneema® Ropes | SK78 & SK98 Ropes | Island Ropes & Rigging

Dyneema® rope for 4x4 winching

Dyneema® ropes is becoming more and more popular for 4x4 winching. All Dyneema® ropes can be spliced with a hook ready for mounting onto a winch.
Dyneema® Ropes | SK78 & SK98 Ropes | Island Ropes & Rigging

Dyneema® for Industrial Winching & Lifting

Dyneema® ropes are just as useful on land as they are in the water. Their robust low corrosive qualities and lightweight properties mean these HMPE fibre ropes can be used for winch applications and provide a safer alternative than traditional steel wire solutions.

Which Dyneema® rope is right for you?

These high strength low stretch ropes come in a variety of styles and diameters. From 3mm to 56mm, we can supply Dyneema® ropes on reels, cut to length or spliced with thimbles and hooks. The choice is yours.

Dyneema® SK75

The SK75 is one of the older 12-strand Dyneema® grades offering a breaking elasticity of approximately 4%. Although they don’t offer the same strengths as the other variants, they’re still alight weight, durable choice.

Dyneema® SK78

The entire Dyneema® SK78 rope range isa staple for vessel mooring, lifting heavy items, mining strops and winching. They offer enhanced extension capabilities and creep attributes than Dyneema® SK75 ropes.

Dyneema® SK99

Dyneema®’s strongest solution is perfect for applications requiring added performance without applying the added weight. In fact, the Dyneema® SK99 boasts 20% extra strength than the Dyneema® SK99 can be made available on request.


More information about Dyneema® ropes

What is Dyneema® rope made of?

Dyneema® is a High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibre recognised as the world’s strongest and lightest fibre. In their latest development.

Is Dyneema® UV resistant?

Yes. AllHMPE/UHMWPE fibres in Dyneema® ropes show high residual strength aftersustained UV exposure. So, you can count on it to maintain its high performancewhen exposed to UV light.

Does Dyneema® rope float?

Dyneema® ropes have a specific gravity of 0.98 meaning that Dyneema has the ability to float. This can be especially important if used in off shore winching projects or mooring.

How strong is Dyneema® rope?


 Dyneema® rope 5mm

Dyneema® rope 6mm

Dyneema® rope 8mm

Dyneema® rope 9mm

Dyneema® rope 10mm

Dyneema® rope 11mm

Dyneema® rope 12mm

Dyneema® rope 14mm

Dyneema® rope 16mm

dyneema sk78

2,712 kgs

3,610 kgs

6,332 kgs


9,035 kgs

10,600 kgs

13,542 kgs

18,977 kgs

21,700 kgs

Dyneema® rope | Island Ropes

Where to buy Dyneema® rope?

You’ll find Dyneema® rope for sale right here at Island Ropes & Rigging. Get in touch to find out how we might be able to help with your project.

All Dyneema ropes can be spliced on-site here in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

To find out more, get in touch with us today.  

Looking for a more cost-competitive alternative to Dyneema®?

Find out why HMPE offers a more affordable option. In recent years, ‘own-brand’ HMPE fibre has been closing the gap in performance with Dyneema®, opening up the opportunity to make a considerable saving. Contact our friendly team at Island Ropes & Rigging to find out more.